Microsoft Cuts off Updatings for Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Subway Surfers

According to Joe Belfiore, in October 2017, Microsoft almost abandoned the development of Windows Phone - including Windows Phone 8.1, which lost its support in July 2017, and Windows 10 Mobile no longer focuses on the company.

And the news is about Microsoft’s statement about the termination of several apps, produced by the company for Windows phone devices.

Microsoft is officially stopping these three apps:

  1. Skype for Business

  2. Microsoft Teams

  3. Yammer

The Skype for Business was released for Windows Phone in August 2015, and it also appeared on Android and iOS. Yammer came to Windows Phone back in 2013, and Microsoft Teams ousted Skype for business in September 2017.

But the time goes further, and the support for all three applications was stopped on May 20, 2018, and they are no longer available for download from the Store. Microsoft also explained that it won't offer support or updates for applications.

However, existing accounts for Skype for business and Yammer Windows will continue to work, but Microsoft does not give any guarantees that the application would not suddenly stop working. What about Microsoft Teams, this application stopped working at all, and when users will connecting to the app, the error message will encounter them.

As always, Microsoft recommended that Skype users for business go to Android, iOS or desktop applications for this service. On the other hand, users of teams and Yammer are encouraged to use these services in their mobile browser.

Subway Surfers Are Dead?

In 2016, the developer dropped support for the popular mobile game for Windows Phone 8.1 and released a version for Windows 10 Mobile. However, now it turns out that the support of Subway Surfers by the latest efforts of Microsoft has also officially settled.

Subway Surfers is one of the most users' favorite game; it is the most popular endless runners for  Windows phone devices. The developer, Kiloo, regularly updated the name, keeping it up-to-date with its Android and iOS counterparts.

Users ask about the status of the game on Windows phones, and here's the answer from Kiloo support team:

Thanks for being a loyal player on the Windows platform!

Unfortunately, Cairo is the last update for Subway Surfers on the platform. You can keep enjoying the game, but we will not release further updates, due to the development plans of the platform owner.

As it always happens, the developer not only stops update the game, but also it will be removed from the store for an indefinite period, so that you won’t be able to install the game again.

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