Your Phone App is Now Available for Windows 10!

Microsoft has released a long-announced application called Your Phone for accessing text messages, photos and notifications from your phone. The company assumes that you can easily share between devices, for example, by simply dragging photos from phone to computer without touching the smartphone.

By copying and viewing data from your phone, there is additionally a "Notifications" tab that shows everything from your Android phone.

Some technology companies already have similar functions. For example, Dell has a Mobile Connect program that allows users to manage Android devices. HP also has similar functionality in its Orbit application.

In addition, Microsoft provides support for Windows Timer for Windows 7 for both iOS and Android.

The app is already available!

The Microsoft Your Phone application is now available for regular Windows 10 users, at least for those who work in Spring Spring Creators Update in the US, the media reported.

The application Microsoft Your Phone for Android will allow users to make calls, perform actions with SMS messages, and manage photos on their Windows 10. Users can download the "Phone" application for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store and then connect their phones to it.

"Microsoft hasn't publicised availability of “Your Phone” to non-Insiders as of August 14. But I - along with a number of other Android phone users who are not running an Insider preview of Windows 10 on their PCs - were able to get the app to work after seeing a post about its availability," ZDNet published several days ago.

"Your Phone" application is intended for more tightly synchronization of Android and iOS devices with computers running Windows 10.

The technical giant tested "Your phone" as part of the upcoming update of Redstone 5 for Windows 10, but now, according to some sources, it will be widely available without the need for an upgrade in the future.

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