Top 15 Must-Have Free Apps for your Windows Phone

Microsoft is definitely known for its productivity suite of apps. If you own a Windows Phone, then you know most of these apps come bundled with your device. The Windows Store has certainly improved over the years, so there is a lot more to choose from besides Microsoft’s offerings. We compiled a list of some of the most popular apps that will work with phones that are on Windows Phone v.8 or above. If an app requires Windows 10 to run, click here to find out if your Windows Phone can be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile. What are your favorite Windows Phone apps? Please, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

Facebook and Messenger

The official Facebook app is available for Windows, including Windows Phone. It has all of the features we’ve come to expect, so this isn’t a “lite” or “web” app. The official app will give you the full Facebook experience on your Windows Phone.

Once upon a time, Facebook and Messenger used to be one. As we all know, they are now two separate apps. With this app, you will be able to continue your conversations, send pictures, and have group chats with your family and friends.

Shuriken Ninja 

With Shuriken Ninja you play the role of the ninja and must take out various targets with your throwing stars to advance to the next level. The game has over 150 levels of play, an in-game level creator, and three different game modes. Plenty of gaming to keep you busy.


Telegram is a messaging app that focuses on privacy. It has secret chats, which support end-to-end encryption for users seeking a chat app with good security features. It also has group chat support for up to 200 participants, and you can send video files that are up to 1GB in size. Your secret messages aren’t logged on their servers, and you can set messages to self-destruct on the sender and the receiver’s device. If you’re concerned about your privacy, then this may be the way to go.


Are you a Netflix subscriber? Want to view your movies while on the go from your Windows Phone? Check out the official Netflix app for your Windows Phone. The nice thing about Netflix is that you can start watching a movie on your Windows Phone and finish watching it from your computer or television.


The official Starbucks app is on Windows Phone for Starbucks lovers. You’ll be able to collect stars, so you can start earning free drinks and food. The app allows you to pay, leave a tip, check, and reload your Starbucks card, and even send Starbucks eGifts to a friend.


Flipboard is one of the most popular news apps. You can choose from all your favorite news sources, and never have to worry about setting it up again. Once you set it up, you can also install the Windows 10 Flipboard app for your Windows PC, and continue reading your stories in a beautiful distraction-free full-screen mode.

Handyscan Free

Ever have the need to scan documents from your Windows Phone? Handyscan's key features include Skydrive and Dropbox support, import/export photos, align/crop documents, and multiple page scans.


With Yummly you can search recipes, but they are personalized to you based on diet, allergies, and your digital recipe box. With over 1 million recipes, we’re pretty certain you’ll find what you’re looking for here.


Need help finding a place to eat locally? Ever need to find a gas station close by? Yelp! is a search app for your Windows Phone that presents you with various categories of searches to make finding what you need a little more efficient. You can also pin your favorite searches to your Start Screen for easy reference and view reviews on the various services and businesses from the Yelp! community.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is one of the most popular games around, with over 200 million players. The graphics and gameplay are intense, so watch for battery life here, as this can drain your battery. Some of the latest additions include the McLaren Championship, new cars including the Aston Martin Vulcan and Mosler Land Shark, and for the holidays you can get the BMW M2 for free if you race in the Christmas Cup every day.


RedLaser is a barcode scanner and QR Code reader that will search online for the lowest prices and local prices from hundreds of thousands of retailers. The scan is fast and the results may help you save a dime or two.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This is one of the best photo editing apps available. You can choose from simple edits, like crop and straighten a photo, to adding filters, auto quick fix, adding frames, and more.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is so beloved it spawned a movie. Space brings a new twist to Angry Birds. The game has over 300 levels across ten different planets. Because you’re in space things are a little different. Things like low gravity and light speed, give you a new way of playing this game, and give the birds brand new abilities they never had before.

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter brings you scores, news, videos and standings from all your favorite sports leagues. You can tag your favorite teams and follow them from the myTeams Page and The Lead page brings you the days breaking news from the world of sports.


Spotify allows you to browse and listen to virtually any song that you want to play. The app is able to make a personalized playlist and recommend music that suits your taste. Premium features enable you to download music to playback offline with no ads and you can cancel service at any time.

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