Cortana Loses Home: Some Features Will Be Gone Forever

As it's been announced, Cortana will be stripped of some significant features, which have been around since the project debut in 2014. The Windows Phone 8.1 users can now see the message, titled "The Change is Constant", whenever they summon Cortana.

According to an AI assistant's statement, Cortana Home won't be available anymore since January 2019. That means that news, headlines and a huge portion of other customizable content won't be accessible anymore.

However, to sweeten the bitter pill, Cortana promises to provide answers, advice and help with schedules/reminders just like she did before. Hopefully, such classic features as Email composing, Notebook, Comprehensive search, Multi-device synchronization, and Multitasking will remain untouched as well.

Windows Phone 8.1 has been out of support for almost two years: July 2017 was the official cancelation date. And now even Cortana's future isn't quite clear — Javier Soltero, the head of the Cortana department has left Microsoft in November 2018.

It's been widely suspected that Cortana will sooner or later become a part of the company's search engineering team. At the same time, Javier Soltero assured the service fans that the digital aide isn't going to fully retire. At least anytime soon.

It is quite likely that Cortana will be integrated into more applications/services from Microsoft, to help clients achieve their business and personal goal more efficiently. Perhaps even Skype will be honored by her presence.

Another key strategy for Cortana would be a confident international expansion, with more languages and countries being supported.

And finally, the company should really focus on fixing Cortana's vulnerabilities. It's been identified that e-criminals and just Internet pranksters can hack computers and smartphones through Cortana-assisted keyboard, Voice commands and suspicious, unreliable plug-ins.

Whatever awaits this iconic assistant, we truly hope her remarkable sense of humor and talent for conversation will stay intact. After all, it would be unwise of Microsoft to give up and quit competition with Siri and Alexa. The virtual assistant market is quite promising. And you just can't give up if your name has been inspired by Halo.

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