Wileyfox Costs Almost Nothing: Should You Grab One?

Some experts and smartphone fans believe that Wileyfox Pro will be the last Windows OS smartphone in history. Truly Windows Phones could never brag of immense popularity and let's be honest: many of them were flops. We don't know what awaits the Windows Mobile platform in the future, but Wileyfox Pro is surely the last Windows 10 smartphone.

Wileyfox Pro was launched in 2017 and some people believed it was a bird-brained joke. Or maybe artful sabotage somehow organized by the company's rivals. The Windows 10 smartphone, stuffed with the Snapdragon 210 processor couldn't compete with mainstream Android devices back then. Especially when the company charged £199.99 apiece.

As a result, we have a monstrous discount now and Wileyfox Pro comes at a price of just £59.99! This price tag may seem quite enticing, but first, you should decide whether you really need an outdated Winphone or not. And the answer is probably you don't.

Sly Wileyfox

Wileyfox picture

According to the manufacturer's statement made in September of 2018, the entire stock of Wileyfox Pro was sold out and clients craved even more Windows 10 handsets. As a result, previously discontinued production was resumed. But maybe the company overdid the production plan a bit and to get rid of the excess of the gadgets they had to launch this massive sale campaign.

As for the smartphone itself, it makes rather a pessimistic impression:

1)    Snapdragon 210 is too slow to provide a decent workload for the Windows 10 Mobile.

2)    The operating system has been officially put out of support in January 2018.

3)    The battery life doesn't last long enough - 2 hours of intensive work maximum. Plus re-charging takes hours and hours.

4)    The 2MP front-facing camera makes very blurry selfies.

5)    A whole multitude of popular Android applications/games cannot be used on this Winphone.

Unfortunately, even access to the Windows applications like MS Office doesn't save the situation.

Where does the demand come from?

On the other hand, Wileyfox presents this gadget as a business phone, meant for helping you accomplish your everyday, routine tasks. Well if they put it this way, then Wileyfox Pro indeed can be used as a device for work. If you have another 60 pounds to spare and don't want to pollute your fancier/newer smartphone with business applications, files etc.

It is certainly not for entertainment. You'll have a great deal of trouble streaming music on Spotify, while reading newsfeed and talking in WhatsApp at the same time: glitches and freezes will accompany you. Mobile gaming is not an option either — the phone will get buggy and overheat quickly. Maybe watching movies and videos (as presaved files) will do the trick though.

But it's perfect for browsing news, making Skype calls/live conferences, sending/receiving emails, editing documents, setting up schedules and making reminders. As long as you stick to only one of those activities, not letting them overlap.

The parameters include:

  • Internal memory - 16GB;
  • Ram - 2GB;
  • Processor - Snapdragon 210 1.1GHz;
  • Cameras - 8MP rear/2MP front;
  • GPU - Adreno 304;
  • Display - 5-inch HD, Gorilla Glass 3;
  • Slots - Micro SD + Micro Sim;
  • Battery - 2100mAh.

Final thoughts

If you want to separate your business and leisure time, your private life and everyday work — Wileyfox Pro is your go-to. Especially now, when its price literally hit the bottom. Another strategy of using it is keeping this Winphone as your backup gadget in case your primary device gets broken, lost or nicked. After all its firm plastic body and Gorilla Glass 3 immune to light scratches and drops make it a true survivor.

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